AgentLoop Key Features

The ultimate appraisal closer. No signed sales authority or lease agreement required…

Send a property to AgentLoop users of your choice you are yet to even list yet, without a sales or lease agreement being signed.

To comply with listing laws:
- Those who receive the property do not know who sent it.
- The actual address of the property.
- The property stated as not for sale but just may be VERY soon.

No text messages, calls, emails or social required, you do it from the platform in under 45 seconds, and it includes photo and video.

Interested parties get an instant alert via the platform, and swipe interested or not interested. You know who they are. 

Your potential client can watch this live. So they know there are parties specifically interested in their property; and sign to sell or lease with you.


Clear Cooperation Policy does not apply.

Offering a SneakPeek of the property, before it hits the MLS. It takes 45 seconds, and you do it directly from your phone. No calls, text messages, emails or socials required.

You can customize who you list to at the click of a button.

  • Everyone on AgentLoop
  • All your connections
  • All your known contacts (those whose phone number is saved in your phone)
  • Everyone at your brokerage
  • Everyone at your internal office

      It is completely up to you!


Without a single call, text message, social blast or email required, you can do it from your phone and get instant feedback and your campaign off to a flying start.

When you list on the MLS, your MLS listing will supersede your SneakPeek, with the data moved across for you.


Clear Cooperation Policy may apply depending on who you list to.

Expand your network

In a SINGLE click, agents can connect with every other agent in their city, county, state, brokerage or even nationwide.

1,027,000 Agents are already on the platform.

It’s a contact book of all leading agents in the country.



Listing Agent Features.

Powerful listing tool: SneakPeek list in under 60 seconds via SneakPeek.

Post-MLS. AgentLoop makes all properties available to publish to the platform via full ListHub API integration.

Click-to-call chat and or email function within the platform.

Real-time detailed insights from other potential agents: who is interested or not, and more importantly why? All at the swipe of a finger. No data hidden.

Automatic calendar synching with Apple and Android phones for showings.

No further need for mass emails, text messages, WhatsApp/messenger groups and unwanted calls.

Buyer's Agent Features.

Instantly know when a new property lists or is about to list. No text message, email or call required. Whether an Amazing Property, SneakPeek or via the ListHub MLS. The app knocks like a door on the phone of all potential interested parties.

Give instant feedback to an agent without a call, text message or email required.

Custom search filters specific to properties you or your clients may have interest in. Only receive properties that match these search filters.

Send properties the second they list directly to a potential buyer or tenant not on the platform via text, mail, WhatsApp or other.

Be able to connect with every agent in your city, country, state or even nationwide at the click of a button.

Give instant post-showing feedback, without the need for a call, text message or email.


Seller & Landlord benefits.

Secure login created to view their property insights the moment their property is listed on the MLS via ListHub.

See real-time, tangible potential buyer or tenant insights with feedback, to make informed decisions based on real data.

8:30am daily push notifications of all new interest activity on their property.

Full MLS Integration via ListHub

All MLS listings are loaded automatically and controlled via ListHub. With feedback insights private to the listings agent's account.

SneakPeek listings are instantly converted into MLS listings to avoid duplicates.

Agents retain the same visability of all the data they wish.

  • Who has interest
  • Who doesn’t
  • Who has booked a showing

Customize Listing Groups

Agents can elect to send any new listing to either:

  • All Agents on the AgentLoop platform
  • Their connections
  • Their known contacts
  • Their brokerage connections
  • Their internal office connections.

Instant Interactive Feedback.

Agents know precisely who their listing was sent to, who’s interested and who isn’t (and why?), within moments of listing.

Chat, view and confirm showing appointments with the ability to click-to-call, chat or email.

At 8:30am every day, Agents get an alert of all new expressions of interest other agents or members of the public have had in their listing in the previous 24 hours.

Customized Search Filters.

Agents set search filters for properties they or their clients may be interested in.

They receive new listings directly that match eir criteria, without a single email, text or call; and can swipe interested, book a showing, not interested or forward to a client.

Share new listings with clients.

Agents can instantly share via email, SMS, WhatsApp, a listing that may suit their client unless the listing agent has made this feature unavailable, which they are free to, depending if the listing is a SnekPeek or if it’s an internal listing.

Post Showing Feedback.

Instant post showing agent/client feedback, without the need for a call, text or email.

Know who is interested post-showing. Call them first!